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  1. Hi, this tools seems to have a lot of potential. However when I run the commands with your you 1.23 version, I always get the following:

    sudo ./sinfp3.pl -passive -output-pcap -device en0 -target -port top100
    [+] [J:0] Loaded Input: Net::SinFP3::Input::SynScan
    [+] [J:0] Loaded DB: Net::SinFP3::DB::SinFP3
    [+] [J:0] Loaded Mode: Net::SinFP3::Mode::Passive
    [+] [J:0] Loaded Search: Net::SinFP3::Search::Passive
    [+] [J:0] Loaded Output: Net::SinFP3::Output::Simple, Net::SinFP3::Output::Pcap
    [+] [J:0] Starting of Input [Net::SinFP3::Input::SynScan]
    [+] [J:0] Estimated running time: 0 day(s) 0 hour(s) 0 minute(s) 4 second(s) for 1 host(s)
    [+] [J:0] Done: operation successful

    So it runs, but I am yet to receive any info from any target I select. Any pointers? I’m using a mac on 10.10.4 Yosemite.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      That’s because you used the -passive flag. Try without using it like:
      sudo ./sinfp3.pl -output-pcap -device en0 -target -port top100


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