Default logins and passwords used by Mirai botnets

Lots of attention has been raised on the Mirai botnets. Especially since its source code has been published on Github. Because we just wanted to know which login/password combination was used to login to remote telnet services, we extracted that information and created a password::mirai Brik so we could easily play with it.

You have two main usages, the first one is to return a Variable usable within Metabrik so you can use it other Briks (even though there is currently no client::telnet Brik). The second one is simply to save login/password combinations to a single output file, like CSV or plain login:pass couples.

EDIT: there is now a beginning of a client::telnet Brik.

Here is the usage:

use password::mirai
help password::mirai
run password::mirai telnet
run password::mirai save_as_csv output.csv
run password::mirai save_as_couple output.couple