Metabrik Core And Repository 1.08 Released

A new version of Metabrik Core and Repository is available. Update using Mercurial or follow the installation procedure.



1.08 Thu Mar 19 06:48:34 CET 2015
 - FEATURE: core::shell: run executable commands found in PATH through system Command
 - UPDATE: shell::command: now use IPC::Run3 to capture shell commands output
 - update: shell::command: system Command now returns $? on success
 - update: Metabrik: display every missing items from brik_require_*_check() before erroring
 - update: new dependance on IPC::Run3

1.07 Sun Mar 8 17:52:37 CET 2015
 - bugfix: shell::history: correctly writes $* variables when calling history Commands
 - new: shell::rc: create an alias to make it easy to switch to root from Shell
 - new: brik::search and perl::module Briks integrated in main distribution
 - remove: no more metabrik-cpanm, enforce use of standard cpanm


- bugfixes and new Briks

 AFFECT: http::proxy, iana::countrycode, network::arpdiscover

 - http::proxy Brik renamed to proxy::http
 - iana::countrycode Brik renamed lookup::countrycode
 - network::arpdiscover removed: merged with network::arp

 AFFECT: client::www

 - post Command returns an HASHREF i/o of WWW::Mechanize object

 AFFECT: network::portscan

 - synscan Command renamed to tcp_syn


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