Metabrik Core And Repository 1.06 Released

A new version of Metabrik Core and Repository is available. Update using Mercurial or follow the installation procedure.



1.06 Fri Feb 27 07:17:59 CET 2015
 - bugfix: shell::command: go trough PATH to find a cmd to run (like less PAGER)
 - bugfix: core::shell: on SIGINT handling, now allows to break multiline and run Commands
 - bugfix: core::shell: allow user to get out of multiline mode by hitting Ctrl+C
 - bugfix: core::shell: better management of Metabrik Commands in multiline mode
 => you can put Metabrik Commands within single quotes anywhere
 - update: shell::script: load Command can take an optional file parameter
 - update: metabrik, shell::rc/script, core::shell: easier handling of rc file loading
 - new: metabrik: --script-rc argument to load a specific rc file for scripts


- bugfixes and new Briks
- see UPDATING file for changes since your last update


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