Getting Metabrik Up And Running

Metabrik is available via a mercurial repository or from a tarball. Follow this installation guide to get Metabrik running. The following of this post will guide you through your first steps with the platform.

Ready to serve

Everything should be fine from now on, you can run The Metabrik Shell. A default .rc file will be created for you:

A first run example

Say you want to know which wifi AP you have in your neighborhood, what you need is a wifi Brik allowing you to scan it. One of the first Brik you will need is the one to search for a suitable Brik:

Now, search for a wifi Brik:

Search result is displayed, along with the number of matched Briks (2 in our example). Every Brik has a set of tags that allows you to search for them.

Ready to scan:

This run Command returned some results, that’s great. We did different things. First, we asked to load and use a Brik with the use Command, we then set some Attribute with the set Command, and finally called the scan Command with the run one.

At the end of the run, result is returned, but the most interesting thing is unnoticed (yet), a special Perl variable has been set: $RUN. Try typing $RUN at the prompt, and you will understand the power of Metabrik.

That’s all for today. Follow @metabrik on twitter.